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Please remember defenceless animals in your Will

Established in 1876 as the Scottish Anti-Vivisection Society (SAVS) to lobby against laws passed to make it legal for British researchers to subject conscious, unanaesthetised animals to painful experiments, we have campaigned on behalf of animals during three centuries. Sadly, although a new law was passed in 1986, animals are still exposed to such experiments in Britain today. Although the number of animal experiments declined from a peak of over 5 million per year in the mid 1970’s to under 3 million in 1998, numbers have started to rise again with 3.06 million in 2021.

SAVS stopped some very nasty animal experiment projects, rescuing and rehoming the animals involved. Our investigation into using pet dogs in experiments helped make the practise illegal.

Over the years SAVS was drawn into a wider campaign field, becoming Animal Concern (Scotland) in 1988 and Animal Concern in 1992, animals in and outside Scotland have benefited from campaign skills developed over our 146 years. From airgun misuse to abuse in zoos we fight against the A to Z of animal exploitation.

We could not have done this without the support of good people who remembered the animals in their Wills. We need more people to back our work with bequests to fund our efforts. By putting Animal Concern in your Will today you ensure our campaigns continue decades from now.

It is never too early to draw up a Will but you can leave it too late. If you die without a Will you have no control over how what you’ve worked hard for during your life shall be disposed of. Instead of helping animals your money could go to a Government which funds lethal experiments on them.

It is best to get a lawyer to draw up your Will. Ask for a price first and look out for offers where lawyers will draft a basic Will for a donation to charity. Your lawyer shall need our details as given in the suggested form of bequest set out below. Also give them details of our lawyers:

Legacy Form

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